Celebrate Moxi Madness at Plastic Surgery Associates!

Sciton Moxi is specifically designed as a preventative + rejuvenating skincare treatment to correct the initial signs of sun damage and the appearance of aging skin without downtime.

Our skincare specialists will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your skincare goals.
Typically, they recommend the number of treatments, discuss the timing necessary to achieve your goals, and provide pre and post-treatment instructions.

Don’t miss out on our introductory Moxi Madness packages available only during the month of March:

Purchase 3 Moxi Treatments for $1950 ($600 savings!)

Purchase 2 Moxi Treatments for $1400 ($300 savings!)

Purchase 1 Moxi Treatment for $750 ($100 savings!)

**Offer only available While supplies last!**
Expires 3-31-2023

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