Preparing for cosmetic injections


I know you are excited and nervous about your first injections.  This is a list of things to help you be more comfortable and have the best result.

If you take any medications that thin your blood we would like you to stop those at least three days before your injections.  These include but are not exclusive to:  Aspirin, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and Alcohol.  If you are on warfarin therapy we do not want you to stop your treatment.  Just know that you are most likely to bruise.

You may want to pick up some Arnica Montana a few days prior to your injection day.  This can be purchased on-line, in our office, or at local health food stores.  Arnica Montana is an herbal medication that can reduce bruising and swelling.  You start taking it a couple days before the injections and for up to 5 days after the injections.  I have many clients that swear by Arnica.  It also comes in a cream or gel form.  These are best to use after the injections in the areas that were treated.  I would invest in the pills over the cream.

Eat something before coming to the office.  Occasionally I have had someone get sick and light headed during their injections.  Most of the time these are people that have never had an injection and are very nervous.  They also skipped lunch or breakfast that day.  After eating something in the office they feel better.

Don’t do any injections before a big event.   So many people wait to try injections and then they pick their daughter’s wedding, or a class reunion to try it for the first time.  Give yourself a minimum of two weeks before any special occasion.  This will give a chance for bruising and swelling to go away and time for a “tweak” if necessary.  We want your occasion to truly be a special memory.  Not one that you are self-conscious at.

Quit looking in the mirror every 10 minutes.   Anytime we do injections it involves a needle passing through your skin.  Which means that you will have swelling, possible bruising, and tenderness.  Don’t massage or touch it.  Apply ice and take Ibuprofen as needed for tenderness.  Please remember that if you have tenderness or a bruise that you can see, it means that there is swelling in that area.  So this area may appear to be larger and out of proportion to other areas.  I will not do any more treatments until all tenderness and bruising is gone.  No matter how much you beg.

Don’t get a massage, go to the chiropractor, have dental work, wear ski goggles, or anything else that causes pressure to be placed on your face or mouth.  Any type of constant pressure can cause the product to move out of place.  If you aren’t sure just call and ask us.

Realistic expectations- You are going to still look like you.  Please be realistic with you goals.  If you have one eyebrow higher than the other, then our goal is to do our best to even them out.  It doesn’t mean we can.  If one side of your face is longer than the other side, then it still will be after injections.  There are many anatomic variations that every individual has, and that they may have never noticed.  Once injections start you may notice one of these all of a sudden.  We can’t give you some other person’s lips out of a magazine.  We want you to look your best, but like yourself.

Don’t use any topical treatment products for 24 hours.  This includes skin care products like Retinol, acids, chemical peels, etc.  I say this because all the little needle sites will burn and sting if you use these products.  Let the areas heal before applying anything you wouldn’t use on a baby.

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