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1/2022 – “Ali is welcoming, authentic and looks humanJ. She is honest with me by telling me if I truly need a touch up of any kind. ANY GOOD INJECTOR SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAY NO TO ALIEN LOOK! And I believe she would be the one to stop me if it got that far!!! ~ anonymous

1/2022 – “Alison is the Best! I am always so excited to see her. She is so professional and fun. I wouldn’t trust anyone else… ~ anonymous

1/2022 – “Dr. Breit made me feel so at ease with this journey!” ~ anonymous

12/2021 – “Everyone is very nice from the front desk to nurses. Dr. Breit is caring, knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “From the first visit I knew after 21 years breast cancer free, turning 60 with so much more life to live, it was time to reconstruct my right breast. Dr. Breit has been so kind to me and I look forward to my end results coming up December 23. Thanks Dr. Breit.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “Very professional and Dr. Miller did such an excellent job from a minor procedure. I would definitely recommend.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “The Best!” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “Alison is always professional and such a sweet person to work with. 5 star service from a 5 star person.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “Dr. Breit is amazing! I would recommend anyone to work with him. He’s very professional and did a great job. I have no complaints.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “I just had a consult with Dr. Miller for an upcoming procedure. The office is in a very nice building. Super clean and comfortable. The staff was super nice and friendly. Dr. Miller was very thorough. Explains everything in depth which is great. Overall I had a very positive experience and I’m very happy I chose him as my surgeon.” ~ anonymous

11/2021 – “I had Stage 1 reconstruction last Thursday by Dr. Breit and was also cared for by Ali. I met Dr. Breit and his nurse Emilie in Spencer to pick a date and choose a surgery that fit my health and lifestyle. I felt fully informed and solid in my decidions guided by these two. Dr. Breit took beyond amazing care of me. From the quick pop in office visit his staff set up for me quickly…I was late and emotional. But only love was felt when I walked in their door. Every staff member was kind, reassuring and professional. Dr. Breit was a great listener to my concerns and silly reminders. He asked me questions that made me feel in slight control of something the morning of my surgery. He and Ali were also fantastic support for my mother post op. I think she believes they are angels on earth! I am confident and anticipate the next few months things will only go up from here. I look forward to working with this team for the next few months!” ~ anonymous

10/2021 – “Very professional and informative. I got all my questions answered and felt satisfied with my care.” ~ anonymous

8/3/2021 – “The receptionist was very kind and helpful!” ~ anonymous

10/2021 – “Dr. Miller is incredibly talented. I recommend him to anyone.” ~ anonymous

10/2021 – “I had a backlift! I received great care, from consult to procedure, actually when Dr. Breit came in before surgery and did all his marks, asked if I would like a bit more projection and would use some of the extra skin to produce that. I hadn’t even thought that possible and was quite happy for the suggestions. Almost 60 years old and I have the best shave ever! Love it!” ~ anonymous

8/3/2021 – “Dr. Miller & Lindsey. I appreciate both! Lindsey made me feel very comfortable for such an uncomfortable situation, luckily!” ~ anonymous

8/3/2021 – “My surgery went fabulous, Dr Breit was great from consult to surgery day and explained everything very thoroughly to both my husband and I. I’m a nurse and they say we’re crappy patients, but All the staff were great, very friendly and professional, and I have already recommended your practice.” ~ anonymous

8/2/2021 – “Dr Miller was my surgeon. We had many nurses with different visits all were AMAZING!!! Also the people to check you into your appointment at the front desk were super.” ~ anonymous

7/28/2021 – “Dawn was my nurse and she was fantastic!” ~ anonymous

7/23/2021 – “I would like to thank all of the staff. Each person I encountered was very nice and answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend this clinic to others.” ~ anonymous

7/23/2021 – “Dr Breit was my surgeon and Dawn was my nurse. Dawn was absolutely wonderful and caring and made me feel at ease.” ~ anonymous

7/8/2021 – “Incredible results! I am thankful to my surgeon and the entire staff.” ~ anonymous

7/8/2021 – “Loved everyone I worked with before and after surgery. Very well understood and very open to asking questions.” ~ anonymous

7/2/2021 – “Two days ago, I had breast lift surgery, performed by Dr. Patrick Miller. My husband just cut the bandages that were wrapped around my breasts. Oh my gosh! I should have done this years ago. Even without implants, my breasts look brand new. I could not be happier with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone considering breast surgery.” ~ anonymous

7/1/2021 – “Dr Breit is amazing! I never thought I could look this way. He’s a real artist. The entire process was amazing. Lindsay is awesome as well.” ~ anonymous

6/21/2021 – “Had great experiences both times I’ve been there” ~ anonymous

6/11/2021 – “Dr Miller & Dawn They were wonderful and I can’t say enough good things about them. On this survey I think I answered incorrectly the first couple questions I meant to say very satisfied.” ~ anonymous

6/11/2021 – “Dr. Miller Dawn & Lyndsey Kelsey, Jade, Emilie We are extremely grateful for each of the staff members at PSA. We received the best care and all staff, including receptionists and billing coordinators were very patient and understanding and willing to help out any way they could to keep us informed and myself very comfortable for a major surgery. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for the great care you’ve given me. Not to mention my results are amazing and I’m not even fully healed yet. THANK YOU PSA!!!!! <3” ~ anonymous

6/11/2021 – “Dr. Miller Dawn & Lyndsey Kelsey, Jade, Emilie We are extremely grateful for each of the staff members at PSA. We received the best care and all staff, including receptionists and billing coordinators were very patient and understanding and willing to help out any way they could to keep us informed and myself very comfortable for a major surgery. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for the great care you’ve given me. Not to mention my results are amazing and I’m not even fully healed yet. THANK YOU PSA!!!!! <3” ~ anonymous

6/11/2021 – “I had a SPECTACULAR experience and I will MOST DEFINITELY be recommending your business to my friends and family!! I live in WA and have one friend from here that is aware of my phenomenal experience and she’s considering traveling to you if she does the surgery as well! =) THANK YOU for making this experience INCREDIBLE!!” ~ anonymous

4/16/2021 – “Great experience overall.” ~ anonymous

4/16/2021 – “I was extremely happy with the care I received. I knew what to expect and was very well educated. Lindsay was amazing through the entire process. I also really appreciated the call one week in advance so I knew what the process was going to be like and the call one day later to make sure I was doing okay.” ~ anonymous


4/15/2021 – “I am extremely pleased with the care I received. Thank you!” ~ anonymous


4/15/2021 – “Wonderful experience.” ~ anonymous


4/06/2021 – “Was thoroughly impressed with the whole entire process!!” ~ anonymous


3/31/2021 – “Even after the surgery, the staff & nurses were great with answering questions and concerns. Amazing experience!” ~ anonymous


3/30/2021 – “They were absolutely wonderful! I would highly recommend.” ~ anonymous


3/30/2021 – “I just really had a great experience from the Reception Desk to the escort to the car. You can definitely tell that this TEAM works great together. Everyone was smiley, friendly, and informative. I am a Nurse and this is an environment I would like to work in. Just a BIG thanks to everyoneJ.” ~ anonymous

“3 months after having a Viveve treatment: I would say I definitely noticed a change especially when I work out! No more leaking going on. I am really glad I had the procedure. Thank you “ ~ anonymous

“I came to Dr. Breit in need of a hernia repair. We then decided to add a breast reduction and tummy tuck, as I had lost over 100 lbs over the previous year. Best decision I could have made. Dr. Breit did a wonderful job and I have regained my confidence and self-esteem. Thank you for everything. The entire staff at Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota treated me with great kindness and support through my entire journey.” ~ anonymous

“This is an excellent facility with a staff that provides top level care at all times.” ~ anonymous

“Everything was great. The redundancy in explaining the post-op instructions, possible side effects, & what to expect in the first few days ended up being helpful because my caretaker and I had different takeaways but we had the take-home literature to consult (and the doped-up patient ended up being right in this case!” ~ anonymous


“Dr Miller and staff went above and beyond to help and answer all of my questions! everyone in the office were very friendly and can tell the compassion for their job! extremely happy with the results of my surgery and have already recommended you to my friends and family! thank you so much for everything! very satisfied customer!!!”  ~ anonymous


“I’m very happy I chose Rivers Edge. My Doctor is a gifted surgeon, and the nursing staff and anesthesiologist were very skilled and very professional.” ~ anonymous


“I had a really good experience! Thanks to everyone that took care of me.” ~ anonymous


“Things went well! Thank you! ~ anonymous


“You guys were awesome!” ~ anonymous


“I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Miller and the team. I am 2-weeks post op with no complications and minimal discomfort. Thanks!” ~ anonymous


“RN Dawn was absolutely amazing at explaining the process of everything. She made me and Matt feel very comfortable and at ease. It was a smooth transition when leaving that day and she helped ensure I was in the car. I just felt super at ease and comfortable. Dr. Miller and the anesthesiologist were great at explaining things as well. I’m so thankful for having a great experience and will highly recommend your facility.”  ~ anonymous


“I had a wonderful experience with my breast reduction. Dr Breit is amazing doctor and I am loving my results already! The nurses and staff were all so kind and very professional. I also loved the day of surgery process-it was very organized. I was very informed and knew what to expect throughout the process and after surgery.” ~ anonymous


“This place is amazing! All staff was kind, very knowledgeable, very accommodating. Would definitely recommend this place. Thank you for taking such great care of me!” ~ anonymous


“From the second I walked in the door the nurse was so sweet and kind. She made me feel completely comfortable. Everything was on time. I had zero complications, no pain. Dr. Breit was very nice and patient with me. He explained everything so I understood it. I have already referred a few friends that want to have this procedure done. Thank you all for everything!” ~ Jaimie


“Great experience with every area and talented surgeon.” ~ anonymous


“Wonderful care!” ~ anonymous


“The nurse I had – Dawn – was INCREDIBLE. I cannot even say enough good things about her. She was so personable and made everyone feel EXTREMELY comfortable, less like a patient and more like a friendly conversation. She didn’t make things awkward and just was very respectful. She was amazing!” ~ anonymous


“I would highly recommend Rivers Edge Aesthetic Surgery to everyone!” ~ anonymous


“I have told everyone about Dr. Miller since my surgery the last 2 weeks – I have had minimal pain with good communication with the staff if need be. I am very satisfied with the care.” ~ anonymous


“Fue excelente todo procedimiento. Muy profesionales.” ~ anonymous


“I am very happy and appreciative of the care I have received from your facility. Amanda and Dawn and Ali have been wonderful. I’m looking forward to coming in for my follow up appt. with Dr Breit next week. I hope he will feel all is going well with my healing. Thank you all so much.” ~ anonymous


“I had the best experience and I have been referring patients at every opportunity I have.” ~ anonymous


“Super staff that kept me calm. Very friendly and professional.” ~ anonymous


“Very happy to have chosen Rivers Edge! Nothing but great things to say about my surgery. Thank you so much!” ~ anonymous


“I felt the entire staff was extremely friendly and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable while I was in their care! Thank you so much!” ~ Lisa


“I have had an outstanding experience with Plastic Surgery Associates. Dr. Breit, Ali, Dawn, and Amanda listened, were patient, and thoroughly explained the procedure and answered any questions or concerns I had. They had genuine concern for me, expressed at the office and phone calls. You have set a very high standard and I will gladly refer anyone considering cosmetic surgery to your office.” ~ anonymous


“Staff was always friendly and helpful when answering questions on the phone, before and after surgery. Dawn was excellent the day of surgery in making me feel comfortable/relaxed beforehand. Very good experience.” ~ anonymous


“Lindsay and Dawn were great nurses and made me feel very comfortable! Dr. Miller was very professional and answered all questions that I had! Thanks for the great care everyone!” ~ anonymous


“My experience was great! My doctor and nurses were very professional and answered all my questions. They explained exactly what to expect, from pre-op, through the surgery and post-op care. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at River’s Edge or with my results. I highly recommend them!.” ~ anonymous


“This was a great experience. It was much more pleasant and personalized than being at a larger surgical center. I have had multiple surgeries, at each of the hospitals in SF and at the surgical center. This was the best care I have received anywhere.” ~ anonymous


“The staff at Plastic Surgery Associates of SD is amazing! I did some ‘shopping around’ and knew right away that Dr. Breit and his staff were the ones I’d trust with my surgery and post-operative care. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly, professional, and caring! I’d recommend Dr. Breit to anyone!” ~ anonymous


“Loved our experience, my 16 year old was made to feel very calm and relaxed. I’d highly recommend to anyone!” ~ anonymous


“I was quite nervous when I arrived the morning of surgery. Dawn was so pleasant and explained everything that I felt very at ease. She is fantastic!” ~ anonymous


“I appreciate everything everyone did for me and I’m so grateful for my results. My life has completely changed. Already.” ~ anonymous


“So happy with my results. Dr. Breit is amazing at what he does. The nurses are all very friendly. Especially the nurse who checked me in and went over my surgery prior to surgery. She is very friendly and was very caring.” ~ anonymous


“Provided excellent care!” ~ anonymous


“LOVE Dawn. She is awesome and made us feel comfortable and is good about explaining everything. Both nurses I talked to post-op during the first week are amazing! Ali is very sweet and nice as well. Thank you for taking such great care of me!” ~ anonymous


“Dawn, my surgery nurse was amazing. Also, Amanda who was in my consults with Dr. Miller – she was great!” ~ anonymous


“Everyone was and continues to be incredibly helpful and kind. Dr. Breit was so kind and and listened to all my concerns along with answering my questions. My anesthesiologist was comforting and really helped me feel secure as I was being put under. Also I love my nurses, Becca and Rebecca were incredible. Thank you all so much!” ~ anonymous

“Amazing job! This surgery was the best thing to happen to me. Staff are absolutely AMAZING! They care and do what they can to assist you with anything they can, even if you live out of state and cant make it up to their office. And Dr. Miller knows what hes doing! Absolutely happy about the excellent care and kindness of the staff!” ~ Kaylene

“A perfect experience, honestly! The staff and facility were fantastic and everyone there made me feel completely at ease.” ~ anonymous

“The entire staff was very friendly and kind.” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit and his nursing staff are THE BEST! Always so friendly and kind, compassionate and truly care about their patients. Dr. Breit is very talented. Have referred many people and will continue to do so.” ~ anonymous

“Have been very pleased with Dr. Breit and all of his staff! Always very friendly!!” ~ anonymous

“I cannot Express how pleased I am with my entire experience. I felt welcomed, informed, and educated through every step. I have already been recommending to others! I’m so grateful.” ~ anonymous

“The facility was top notch! The doctor explained everything in detail, answered all questions in depthly, and the nurses checked on me constantly to make sure everything was going okay! I HIGHLY recommend RiversEdge! (Dr. Breit)” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit is a very compassionate surgeon and empathetic to his patients. He has made a difference in my daughters quality of life. All of the medical staff, throughout consult to post consult, at PSA were professional and made a difficult process easier to go through.” ~ anonymous

“I had a great experience! The staff was so friendly. My surgery had to get rescheduled due to the 3 tornadoes we had and no power, however the rescheduled date was a very reasonable time frame. The new date actually worked better for me. My recovery has been going well and fast. When I have had concerns I have always been able to speak with a nurse. I was always able to get in right away and be cared for as well. I really appreciate the care and friendliness of the whole staff at Rivers Edge.” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit and his whole team are the best I have ever had. There are no words to explain how well they took care of me. He is the best around.” ~ anonymous

“I recently had the Viveve Treatment to address my stress urinary incontinence. It has beyond exceeded my expectations. The procedure is easy – quick and painless. It took about a month, before I saw results. Even little things like sneezing/coughing are not a problem anymore. It has also helped with vaginal dryness. I highly recommend it.” ~ anonymous

“For the past few years I have been dealing with bladder leakage when laughing, coughing or working out. When I heard about Viveve, I had to give it a try. The procedure took little time, was painless and I was able to return to work right afterwards. It took a little over a month to notice a change and even now, a few months later, the end results are fantastic!” ~ anonymous

“I had a great experience! The staff was so friendly. My surgery had to get rescheduled due to the 3 tornadoes we had and no power however the rescheduled date was a very reasonable time frame. The new date actually worked better for me. My recovery has been going well and fast. When I have had concerns I have always been able to speak with a nurse. I was always able to get in right away and be cared for as well. I really appreciate the care and friendliness of the whole staff at Rivers Edge. “ ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit is a very compassionate surgeon and empathetic to his patients. He has made a difference in my daughters quality of life. All of the medical staff, throughout consult to post consult, at PSA were professional and made a difficult process easier to go through.” ~ anonymous

“From the beginning of my care from 3 completely different surgeries you have ALL been amazing!!!” ~ anonymous

“It was a great experience” ~ anonymous

“Everyone was thoughtful, courteous, and professional. I was a bit nervous prior to the procedures but each person I spoke to helped alleviate stress I had been feeling. Plastic Surgery Associates of SD is an excellent medical facility!” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit is outstanding and I highly recommend him if you are considering plastic surgery!” ~ anonymous

“Great experience. Wonderful staff!” ~ anonymous

“Great care, well-informed. Appreciated the post-op phone call as I was having a hard time controlling pain.” ~ anonymous

“I am going to send everyone I know to Plastic Surgery Associates, in Sioux Falls South Dakota.” ~ anonymous

“Becca was very friendly!” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Miller and the staff were fabulous during the time leading up to my procedure, during, and afterwards. I’m thankful for your care and my results!” ~ anonymous

“The entire staff was very nice. The day of surgery everyone made me feel very comfortable and helped ease my nervousness. I felt everyone there was very educated and informative. Thank you!” ~ anonymous

“I work as a PA and work within all hospitals/ surgery centers here in SF. I can honestly say your surgery center has excellent staff and I was thoroughly impressed. Very nice facility and my nurse I had in recovery was super! Dr Breit and his PA Kelsey are knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with my care and outcome of surgery. Thank you!!!” ~ Angie

“Very glad I was referred to your office my implant was a success and love everyone in the office” ~ anonymous

“Very pleasant experience and I’m happy with the outcome!” ~ anonymous

“I was looking to be able to fit into my clothes better and be able to fill out my tops. Dr. Breit did a great job and gave me exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with the results.” ~ Jordan

“My husband & I are both very pleased with the care I received from all the staff. Everyone was very attentive to my needs, professional and caring. We are most appreciative to Dr Breit and his awesome team. Thank you!” ~ anonymous

“Thank you for the care I received. It was top notch!!” ~ anonymous

“Becca is patient and exceptional at what she does.” ~ anonymous

“Staff and Doctor were amazing!” ~ anonymous

“You guys are awesome!!” ~ anonymous

“Wonderful experience all the way around! Dr. Breit was very kind and explained my options very well. Kelsey was wonderful in my pre-op exam and continued to answer my questions with such compassion and care, no question was silly to her. Rebecca also took time with me on my pre-op phone call to answer my last minute questions and ease my nerves the day before surgery. Alison was a great resource at my post-op appointment and ensured everything went well. She shares my love for fitness so talking with her about getting back to my workouts quickly was so valuable to me! Thank you to Dr. Breit, Lance, Kim, Kelsey, Rebecca and Alison for a truly AMAZING experience. I can’t say enough about your kindness and discreteness throughout this process and procedure!” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit, nurse Rebecca and Ashley were magnificent. (My daughter) took her shower today and removed the bandages and is already so pleased with the outcome of her breast reduction. She still has much healing but is already ecstatic with the results! We will definitely be returning with any other services we may need. Thank you for taking care of my daughter so well!!!” ~ anonymous

“I’m in my late 30’s and have breastfed two children. I was tired of feeling insecure in a swimsuit, bra and in front of the mirror. I decided to have breast implants to get some volume. Dr. Breit was wonderful and very receptive to my wants and needs. My results are exactly as I wanted and expected. I couldn’t be happier and I feel confident and feminine again!” ~ anonymous

“Thanks to all the staff that made me feel comfortable and at ease before the surgery. Everybody was friendly and very helpful in answering any questions or concerns that I had. Special thanks to Dr. Breit for changing my life. Now I feel more feminine and my self-esteem has gone up. Definitely was worth it. Thank you all.” ~ Sandra

“I have had several surgeries at Plastic Surgery Associates and have always had excellent care! Dr. Breit is a wonderful surgeon! The nurses were very caring, excellent in explaining my pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions and checking up with me following my surgery, and attentive to my pain needs and addressed those needs thoroughly! The front office staff were always friendly and offered excellent customer care! I would highly recommend Plastic Surgery Associates!” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Miller, Rebecca, Ashley and Lance were exceptional to work with from start to finish. Each made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure and the recovery following surgery. Questions were covered thoroughly and every answer was consistent with the information I had read on the Professional recommended websites given to me before surgery. Rebecca and Ashley gave wonderful care from the moment I walked into the exam room, and all the way through recovery. Lance made the process of going to sleep, easy and relaxing. Dr. Miller talked with my husband after surgery and was very pleased with my procedure. After losing over 100 pounds, I am excited to see the results over the next few months, thank you for an exceptional experience!” ~ anonymous

“Great staff and care. Easy in and out. Almost painless 😉 ha! I was really nervous so everyone was great. Enjoy the guy overseeing the opp. He had the gift of gab:) Thank you! ” ~ Greg

“All the staff were wonderful and kind, they answered all my questions and I felt very comfortable!” ~ anonymous

“Dr. Breit was great back in 2007 I had an augmentation done. 2018 and four kids later I’m still pleased with what he has given me. the staff was great!” ~ Rachel

“I love the staff and Dr Miller did a great job. Thanks for taking such good care of me!” ~ Deb

“Dr Breit and his staff are wonderful. Top notch facility and care. Everything went smoothly and was well organized.” ~ anonymous

“My eyebrows had dropped to the point where they were hooking onto my eyelashes. I had an eyelid lift about a decade ago, but the brows still drooped to the point where they were not only affecting my lashes but also interfering with my vision. They weighed enough to cause my eyelids to press on my eyeballs. At this point, I decided to see Dr. Breit and he did my brow-lift. My eyes look great and my vision has improved drastically. The scar is nearly invisible because the incision was right along the hairline. There was less pain than I expected and my brows have now settled into their new position. I have begun wearing eye make up again. Many people didn’t know why I looked so much better. I let them know why. I don’t hide my brow-lift, I explain the benefits of having it done. Dr. Breit and the staff are great and made sure everything went perfectly and gave good follow up care. I highly recommend them.” ~ Diane

“Cannot say enough about doctor Miller and his staff! I was treated with the utmost care and respect. I would highly recommend this team to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.” ~ anonymous

“I had such a wonderful experience I felt very informed every step of the way. My nurse Jenny was so kind and sweet I truly felt that she cared about me as a person, not just a patient. Dr. MILLER took the time to answer all of my questions and really listened to what I wanted my end results to be. I have already recommended Plastic Surgery Associates to several of my friends and my sister.” ~ anonymous

“Everyone is so nice.” ~ anonymous

“Everyone was absolutely fantastic! Professional, thorough and very patient focused! Thank you for a great experience!” ~ anonymous

“After 3 kids this mom was ready to get back into shape. After working out, I realized I wasn’t going to get to where I wanted to be without a little help. Dr. Breit has been amazing for me. I also had an umbilical hernia that got worse with each child. After breastfeeding I really wanted the boobs I knew I deserved. I ended up getting a breast augmentation, umbilical hernia repair and an abdominoplasty with muscle tightening. My healing process has gone by quickly and I couldn’t be more happy with my results. I shopped for swimsuits with excitement for the first time in 11 years this summer. I have recommended the surgeries to many friends and they have been nothing but excited for me. I would recommend this whole process to anyone who has ever doubted it. It is worth it! It’s worth it to feel like you have all the confidence in the world and if surgery is what it takes, do it! My life is forever changed. Thank you, Dr. Breit and Plastic Surgery Associates of SD.” ~ Lyndsey

“I would love to say thank you to the entire staff that made this possible and a special thanks to the talented Dr. Breit. My experience was amazing and my results are incredible! I highly recommend Plastic Surgery Associates to all!” ~ anonymous

“I was greeted with a smile when I arrived, Rebecca was calming and reassuring the whole process, Lance answered all of my questions regarding anesthesia, and Dr. Breit was wonderful. He listened to my concerns and gave me a good sense of ease knowing we were on the same page. My husband thought it was wonderful when Dr. Breit called him and let him know how the surgery went! I cannot thank your team enough for the care!” ~ anonymous

“After consultations with multiple surgeons I found that Dr Breit was hands down the most thorough and knowledgeable surgeon. I am more than satisfied with my results and couldn’t be happier with the care I received from his wonderful team of nurses and office personnel.” ~ Erica A.

“Thank you to the entire staff! ♥ I have to say your receptionist has to be Sioux Falls’ leading lady for warm greetings. She’s welcoming, always knows me by name, has a huge smile & maintains great eye contact (with a sparkle too). You can tell she is a genuinely kind person. What an asset for your office! The RNs prior to surgery were also kind, knowledgeable & gentle with my emotions. Excellent care! I have appreciated getting to know Dr. Breit through this journey of breast reconstruction. He is so down to earth & feels like a friend. His wisdom & expertise relieved my pre-surgery anxiety and he is always very good at answering all of my questions. Also, Dr. Lance Breit was energetic and I appreciated his thoroughness & explanation of the anesthesia process. This exceeded my expectations! This isn’t a journey I thought I would need to be on but it was one of the gifts I got from breast cancer-meeting this exceptional staff of professionals who took such good care of me and treated me like a friend. Many thanks and may God bless your practice!” ~ anonymous

“I absolutely loved working with doctor Miller and his team! They were easy to work with and made the whole experience comfortable and easy. My consult for breast implants left my head spinning, but not without reason. He tries to explain all your options, the risks, preferences, etc., and he does so in a way that comes at you a little quicker and most likely off guard. It didn’t bother me quite honestly. I left with lots of information and a surgery date about 6 weeks out. I had my surgery bumped up a week due to a cancellation, and arrived an hour ahead of my surgery time at Rivers Edge Surgical Center. (it’s connected to their main office on Minnesota Ave.) I must say, their staff is nothing short of amazing. Rebecca was my nurse for most of my time there, and she was the best. She did everything from starting my IV and helping me get settled in, to making sure my pain was controlled after surgery and getting me into the car afterward. Her bedside manner was impeccable, as was the anesthesiologist and anyone else my boyfriend and I encountered that day. I’m only on day 3 after my boob job and already love my results. I’ve barely had any pain or discomfort and they’re gorgeous. They called and checked on me the day after to make sure everything was still going smoothly. I’m so glad I went with doctor Miller, as were some friends of mine who had similar procedures done. (my dad was even a patient of his after some burns years ago.) I have nothing but great things to say about doctor Miller and his staff.” ~ anonymous

“It was a very professional and caring experience. It felt like being in the care of family. Thank you for setting the standard in excellence in patient care.” ~ anonymous

“Great facility. I felt very comfortable with nurses and doctors, so my anxiety was manageable. I would recommend to others!” ~ anonymous

“The staff and Dr. Breit were so friendly and comforting. I would recommend them to anyone. Top notch care!” ~ anonymous

“Dr Breit was very helpful in answering and addressing all my concerns. After a mammogram earlier that year with a different provider I experienced a change in my right implant. Dr. Breit went above and beyond to make me feel that he could help correct the issue. I’m Extremely happy with the results of my breast augmentation revision and would highly recommend him.” ~ Angelina9202

“The entire staff was amazing! From admission to recovery, every person involved in my care was informative, friendly, and made me feel so comfortable.” ~ anonymous

“I finally got the courage to have breast reduction surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased that I chose Dr. Breit and his staff to be the ones to do it! From the initial phone calls of setting up appointments and getting a consultation to the very end, they were so pleasant. Rebecca was hands down AMAZING!!! I was nervous from the second I walked in the building and she easily calmed me down and walked me through everything! When I woke up from surgery I had quite a bit of pain but Rebecca was on the ball and got it brought down very quickly! Dr. Breit and his staffs after care has been great as well! HIGHLY recommend!” ~ Ashley

“Nurse Rebecca and Becky were fantastic at answering questions and meeting my pain needs..Going above and beyond what was required of them. I always felt comforted and not awkward about anything.” ~ anonymous

“You do a fabulous job! Rebecca and Dr. Breit always make you have an ‘at home’ feeling! They help me feel relaxed and taken care of. I REALLY liked it not being done in the hospital too!” ~ anonymous

“I felt very safe. Positive experience all the way around.” ~ anonymous

“Rebecca, Lance, and Dr. Breit made me feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole process and procedure. Having a very neat, clean, and professional building and staff put my mind at ease. Thanks for your great work and calming manner from you all.” ~ Jamin

“Dr. Breit was simply amazing – he made me feel so comfortable about the procedure and I couldn’t be happier with my end result.” ~ anonymous

“I had a breast reduction here 3/13 and cannot say enough about what a great experience it was! From Dr. Breit who made me feel so very comfortable, to working with Rebecca and her great explanations to Molly’s care, Lance’s expert care with anesthesia & making me feel comfortable to my aftercare with Ashley Beam I would absolutely recommend your business to any friend! Today I had a follow-up appt with Kelsey and Kelsey Issacson as well and both made me again feel so comfortable as they drained some side fluid away. The recovery period at home was very easy and painless. My surgery was on a Tuesday and I was back to work by Monday. Everyone was SO nice! My husband was even impressed with everyone’s concern and caring attitude. You are truly top-notch professionals. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience and such caringness when a breast reduction feels like such a personal matter.” ~ Rhonda

“I was nervous going in before surgery and everyone was so nice and helpful and caring. I felt very comfortable and at ease. Very knowledgeable. It was pretty quick and I knew I was in good hands. Thank you to everyone from yesterday!” ~ anonymous

“We have used the medical grade skin care products over the last few years for our son’s acne condition. When he pays attention and uses the products like he supposed to do, we find they work very good. Not sure they have something for getting a teenager to do the proper thing… that’s a whole other issue, lol” ~ Dave

“My entire experience with Dr. Breit and the whole staff at this facility was very positive. They listened to my concerns and were approachable and comforting through the entire process. Dr. Breit listened to what I asked for regarding the size and he did exactly that. My ending result looks natural and is appropriate for my frame. The scars are minimal and healing nicely. I recommend Dr. Breit and his facility without any hesitation. A great experience all around!” ~ Carla

“I’ll never forget the day I found the courage to be measured. I was only in my twenties, and the lady looked at me saying, “You will not find a bra anywhere that fits you in this mall. Layne Bryant might have a cup size but the band will be way too big for your figure.” Devastated and embarrassed, I found a DDD, added room through extra band inches, and made do. When I discovered a great compression bra, I quickly dropped more than 20 pounds but not an ounce from the top. I knew at that point there was nothing in my control to change what felt a very personal problem, and I was going to need to follow through with what two of my doctors had been telling me for more than a decade – I would greatly benefit from a breast reduction.Neck and back pain have been my daily reality for years. This year, headaches seemed to be crowing their way into my life more often as well. Needless to say, when I finally found my way to your office I was ecstatic. For so long I’d endured enjoying the gift of carrying babies, nursing and pulling little ones atop my lap or hip. Now with my children grown enough and myself in a space in both my life and work for surgery to become reality, I could finally take care of me. And it is, without question, one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The day after surgery I turned my head from side to side in my recliner and experienced no pull. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so good. Now, at nearly six weeks out, I’ve yet to have a day with any back or neck pain. My body feels better and my quality of life is changed. I’m so happy with the immediate results. It’ll feel incredible to be able to enter a store and find a bra that fits and supports me well. And, it will be fun to try on some new clothing designs that were never an option for me before because of bust size. Simply buying clothes to fit my body, rather than the chest, will be a whole new experience. More than that, though, I’m ecstatic about what this means for my long-term health. While our number of days is not guaranteed, the wellness choices we make each day directly impact our number of healthy days. People already tell me I sit with better posture. I will no longer be limited to the gym. I will be able to find my true center of gravity when teaching dance classes. I’ll be able to ride a bike with the family without feeling like my body is pulled out of whack. In more ways, than I can count here, I will get to better take care of this one body that I am given. And that’s a life-changer. I’m so grateful to Jesse (Dr. Dirksen) for suggesting you. You, Dr. Breit, do great work, and I will most certainly share your name with anyone sharing similar need. Thank you so very much. ~Melissa

“I really appreciated everything; 100% nicer than a hospital! I really appreciated Rebecca’s calm and caring disposition. It’s nice how genuine everyone is! Thank you-you make a difficult situation better! ~Becky

“I have always been self-conscious about my breast size. I always have had a more curvy frame so would wear padded bras all the time to make my clothes on me look and feel better. About 6 years ago I got into lifting weights and changing my diet to a more clean eating. With that, I lost my boobs (fat) and hated wearing sports bras and swimming suit tops. I finally made the decision to get implants. I heard from a few friends about Dr. Breit. I had my consult and knew I wanted him to help me. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I love them! I am 10X more confident about myself and now I love buying new sports bras!” ~ Shannan

“Dr. Breit made my breast cancer surgery a smooth process. I appreciate his suggestions and clear instructions. Dr. Breit and all of the staff were patient, caring and awesome! Thank you!” ~ Lisa

“Top notch all around and very accommodating.” ~anonymous

“I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was caring and quick to answer any questions. They all explained what was happening and what to expect very well. Dr. Breit was very easy to talk to and explained everything he was doing to prepare me for the procedure. Rebecca and Allie took very good care of me. Allie was especially caring as I was not feeling well after coming out of the anesthesia. She did an exceptional job getting me ready to go home. I also appreciated Rebecca’s followup call the next day to inquire on how I was feeling. I would/will highly recommend Rivers Edge/Plastic Surgery Associates to friends and family. Thank you all so much.” ~anonymous

“I am so happy I chose Sioux Falls Plastic Surgery. I went to a few doctors beforehand in Iowa and once I met with Dr. Breit- I knew he was the one I trusted the most. He was very personable and friendly. I am very pleased with my results and will definitely recommend Dr. Breit to others.” ~anonymous

“I have had 3 C-sections and 1 cholecystectomy at Sanford, McKennan and Sioux Falls Surgical Hospital and by far your facility, staff and MD’s were the best. Everyone has been so kind, informative, friendly, and accommodating. The one on one attention was so reassuring. I will highly recommend all my friends and family to your TEAM and facility. Well done and Thank you.” ~anonymous

” I had a breast reduction. It was an excellent procedure and would highly recommend. Only regret is that I should have done this 10 years ago.” ~ Dena

“1 year and 11 months since I started my journey. God has blessed my life with so many wonderful people. I appreciate everything you and your staff have done to make me feel whole again. May he continue to bless your work here!” ~ Linda

“Several years ago I had silicone implants. Later I had them removed and replaced with saline. Over the years the breast on my left side began to sag. I had extremely uneven breasts. I went on-line and watched Dr. Miller’s video. I was impressed and scheduled a consultation with him. I decided to have a breast augmentation/lift. The surgery went well, but I developed a “dog ear”. Dr. Miller did a revision and I love my new breasts!!! Even when I was young, they didn’t look as good as they do now. I am so glad I chose Dr. Miller to do my surgery. He is so professional and exact. You just know he wants to do his best. I believe he is a bit of a perfectionist, but that is a very good thing!! I would choose him again in a heartbeat! Because I was so pleased with my results I recommended him to my daughter who had the same procedure with excellent results too. Her surgery went as smoothly as mine. Thank you, Dr. Miller!” ~anonymous

 “I had an awesome experience with Dr. Meyer. I just wanted to feel better about myself and a little more sexy. Awesome experience with Dr, Meyer!” ~anonymous

“Dr. Miller and his staff are incredible. He explained everything in full detail and answered any questions I had. I am very satisfied with the procedures and there are NO scars. It’s amazing how much ‘added’ confidence I have! Dr. Miller and staff are incredible.” ~anonymous

“Having had breast cancer many years ago I realized reconstruction surgery would not be a simple surgery. Radiation had damaged my chest muscles and making my breasts symmetrical again would take some very special skills in a surgeon. Dr. Breit did an amazing job. He was professional and extremely talented in his approach to my surgery. I am very satisfied with the results and wonder to myself why I didn’t have this surgery sooner.” ~ Bev

“Had a great experience with Dr. Breit and his staff! ~ LB

” Love Love the Staff” ~anonymous

 “I came to Dr. Breit to learn about the breast reduction procedure in hopes of providing relief for my chronic back pain, bra strap markings, and overall comfort.  I was confident in him and his team and went forth with the procedure.  I am beyond happy with my results and it was the best decision I could have made.  My back pain has gone away and my overall health has improved, not to mention I look amazing in clothes!  If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would.  Thanks, Dr. Breit.” ~ Jessica-24 years old

 “I have had very large breasts all of my life it seems.  They would fluctuate with weight but finally became so uncomfortable both physically and emotionally.  My back and neck hurt so badly that I was going to the chiropractor and massage therapist at least once a month.  I finally talked to my doctor and she suggested breast reduction surgery and Dr. Meyer of Plastic Surgery Associates.  It was the best thing that I have ever done for myself.  I feel great, clothes fit better and my confidence is much improved.  I recommend it to all of my friends who are considering reduction surgery and I tell them that I wish that I would have done it years ago. ” ~ Jennifer-Breast Reduction

 “An unexpected compliment from a coworker.  She asked my age, when I told her I was 56, she said “wow, I’m 46 and I thought I was older than you! Thank you, Dr. Breit!” ~ Martha-Facelift

 “The staff were all very friendly and did not make you feel uncomfortable in any way.  I was golfing after 3 weeks and serving a volleyball after 4 weeks.  I was able to lift my one-year-old after two days (without worry) after one day I could lift him, but took it easy for my own personal preference.” ~ Janelle

” Dr. Breit did an awesome job.  He understood exactly the look I was going for and everything looks totally natural.  No one even asks me if I’ve had anything done, it just looks and feels like me.  I will absolutely refer people to see him and will be back myself if I ever need anything else.  Thank you, Dr. Breit, and your amazing staff.” ~Erica

” Before I had the knowledge of what pro hormones could do, I took them. Within a year and a half I started noticing lumps under my nipples. At first I was scared they were cancerous. After doctoring for my lumps, I was referred to Plastic Surgery Associates. They did a great job removing the lumps under my nipples. I have had no adverse effects.” ~anonymous

“I have struggled for years with my “Muffin Top” and now it is gone and my clothes fit great and I get compliments all the time. It was worth every penny and the staff was great!”~ Erica

“I have had a great experience at PSA! Dr. Miller is so knowledgeable and you can tell he takes pride in his work. The nurses are all amazing as well. They do their best to answer any question you may have and support you all along the journey. I felt like I was in great hands the day of surgery before, during, and after the procedure! Thank you for everything!!” ~anonymous

“I have had large breasts since I was 13 and I didn’t have surgery until I was 31. My only regret about surgery was not having it done sooner. I thought about surgery for at least ten years and I never got brave enough to go in until this year. This clinic was so helpful with every single question and concern I had. I even called with questions after I left the office. While going into surgery was scary for me, the doctors and staff made me feel at home and I woke up with a smaller chest before I knew it. Now, instead of wearing two sports bras when I run, I wear one. The indents on my shoulders are fading and my breasts are perky like a 21-year-old’s would be. My friends who are my age are jealous of my breasts because they look so perfect and round and not too large anymore. Breast Reduction surgery was by far the 2nd best decision I’ve ever made! My first best decision was actually calling to make the appointment!” ~Melissa

“I felt so horrible about myself and my body. My stomach and breasts never returned to anything normal after my children were born. My back hurt for so long. I had numerous massages, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections, but nothing helped until my reduction and lift! My middle back pain went from 100% to 10-15%! I’m now also able to wear fun shirts and tops! My tummy tuck was very painful for recovery but so glad I did it! You have to be able to withstand some substantial pain, though. Dr. and staff were Awesome! I have and will continue to use Plastic Surgery Associates of SD for my needs!” ~anonymous

“After nursing my 3 children, breast augmentation was always in my dreams. At my initial consultation, I felt very comfortable. I had confidence in my doctor to restore my self-image. Now 3 months after my breast augmentation, I have never looked back and my self-image is restored. Thank you.” ~anonymous

“My journey with breast cancer started in 1997 when I had my left breast removed and did chemo, but decided not to do reconstruction. September of 2010 had a recurrence of cancer in my right breast. My surgeon talked to me about reconstruction and gave me name at Plastic Surgery Associates. Was very pleased with my Doctor and Staff and something new to think about other than cancer. I could not be happier with my new breasts.”  ~Judy

“Dr Breit changed my world. At 67 I am healthier (and shapelier). Because I am a BRCA2 person (one who has a gene mutation) and at my age it is 87% more at risk for breast cancer. So before it struck I took preventative measures and had bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction, including nipples, very important. They are perfect and I wouldn’t take $1 million for them!” ~Dianne

“I have been so impressed with the staff at Plastic Surgery Associates. Thank you for your help today. Everyone has been so wonderful; amazing customer service.” ~anonymous

“4 ½ years after my breasts were removed due to cancer, I went on the journey of reconstruction. The outcome is beautiful!” ~Krista

 “Dr Miller, nurses and staff are great. It has been quite a journey since my recent surgery (breast lift & tummy tuck). You are a fantastic bunch of people. Thanks to you I will have a new body to love!” ~Kathy

“Dr. Breit and the office staff were always friendly and accommodating. Having a bilateral mastectomy is never enjoyable. They made the reconstruction part as smooth as possible. They were always sensitive to any discomfort I had. They did a great job explaining what to expect. Dr. Breit and staff have great bedside manner and I always felt comfortable sharing my concerns. Dr. Breit was also very supportive in handling all the paperwork involved with getting time off from work. A positive experience overall!” ~Aimee

“There aren’t words to describe how happy I am with my results. Having a mastectomy was a hard decision but Dr. Breit and his staff made the reconstruction a very smooth process. I can look into the mirror and be proud of my new breasts.” ~Michelle

“I decided to get a breast augmentation because I felt disproportionate and wanted to feel like my breasts matched my body type. I could not be happier with my results from my first consult I felt very comfortable and Dr. Breit explained everything very well. I am very happy with my results and don’t regret my decision at all.” ~Jolene

“After years of feeling self-conscious, especially in bathing suits, I finally made the choice to have a breast augmentation. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Breit and I couldn’t have been happier with him as my surgeon! He was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. I am happy with my results & would highly recommend Dr. Breit and Plastic Surgery Associates to anyone considering a breast augmentation.” ~Jamie

After having 4 children I decided to take control of my body again and become a fitness instructor. I have always exercised but not at this level. Once I achieved my fitness goals, I went on a trip and my husband noticed that I couldn’t fill out my swim suit tops. I already wore an extra small, but still couldn’t fill them and everyone ended up seeing my breasts as the result of that. After that trip we decided as a couple that implants were my next step and I was never going on a trip again until I got them. My friend had told me about Dr. Breit so I called. The best decision I have ever made for myself. Dr. Breit was so kind, professional and knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it. It’s a scary and emotional decision and he and his staff were excellent. ~Amber

I have 4 children all born by C-section and then I had a full incision hysterectomy. For 18 years I had an excessive amount of tissue that hung on my lower abdomen. I was incredibly insecure about how I looked and was constantly trying to cover up that area. I made the decision to have it surgically corrected and could not be more happy with my results! Dr. Breit and the entire Plastic Surgery Associates staff has been nothing short of amazing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! ~Amy

So happy with my breast reduction results. I went from daily headaches and back pain to absolutely zero headaches since surgery. When I was young I loved to run, and thanks to my surgery I am getting back into it and loving it. ~Reka

I was very nervous heading into this procedure but was put totally at ease from my first appointment on. The follow through from the presurgery call to the operation. I was handled beyond anything I expected from the nurses, to the anesthesiologist, to the doctor it was truly an amazing experience. I would 200% recommend Plastic Surgery Associates of SD and Rivers Edge to anyone searching for the best overall experience. ~anonymous

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